Food Pairing Packs


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Add one of our food pairing packs on to your wine tasting experience (virtual wine tasting, at home wine tasting, or corporate event)!

Cheese, chocolates, charcuterie, and more! The exact mix changes seasonally but is always delicious, satisfaction guaranteed! All kits are shelf-stable, ship great, and pair perfectly with our wines and wine tasting kits!

Petit Charcuterie

A delicious assortment of hand-picked delights to pair perfectly with our wine! Featuring selections from Olympia Provisions! Petite Pierre Pepperette, Kleine Schweine Pepperette, Flaco Paco Pepperette, Rustic Bakery 6oz Sea Salt & Olive Oil, Pt Reyes Farmstead Toma (semi-firm) 6oz

Grande Charcuterie

The GRANDE assortment is the full deal, great to share & features selections from Olympia Provisions! This beautiful assortment includes two salamis, Rosette d'Oregon & Saucisson Sec, Pt. Reyes Farmstead Toma (semi-firm) 6oz, Rustic Bakery 6oz Sea Salt & Olive Oil Crackers, Olives, Clovis dijon mini mustard, and Oregon Hazelnuts!


Wine Chips Trio

Premium lattice-cut chips, made to pair with wine! The boldest, cheesiest, easiest, most satisfying potato chip you'll ever have! Perfectly paired with our wines, featuring, smoked gouda, blue cheese, and manchego! (GF/VEG)

Chuckar Cherries Assortment

White Chocolate Raspberry Truffles- Dried cranberries covered in artisan white chocolate and dusted in tart raspberry powder.Dark Chocolate Cabernet Cherries Dried Tart Cherries covered in dark chocolate, wine essence. Milk Chocolate Cherry Bings- Dried Bing Cherries covered in milk chocolate with cherry essence. Milk Chocolate Truffle Cherries- Dried Bing Cherries, covered in milk chocolate, dusted in sweet cocoa powder. Dark Chocolate Classic Cherries- Dried Bing Cherries dipped in artisan Dark Chocolate. Milk Chocolate Honey Pecans- Honey Roasted praline pecans, coated in Milk Chocolate, and dusted with powdered sugar. +
Kosher certified & gluten-free.

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