Voluptuary & Lucid

We are local: based in Sacramento, born & raised & thriving
We are organic & natural, low sulfite & vegan
We are small-batch made by Winemaker Kevin Luther
We are community: we donate to charity for every bottle sold
But most of all, we are delicious wines

The Inspiration

So It Began

After spending 20 years traveling the world making wine and obtaining 3 wine degrees, Winemaker Kevin Luther launched Voluptuary & Lucid Wines in 2017 to create the most delicious natural & organic wines possible.

He spent the next 3 years fermenting, aging, blending and bottling in preparation to publicly launch the winery & share his wines with the people of Sacramento, putting every penny he had into bringing his dreams to life.

Silver Linings

Going Virtual

The winery launch party was set for March 28, 2020. The COVID stay at home order hit just days before the launch, and we were forced to go virtual to survive. Rather than cancelling the party, we got creative, putting the wine in mini bottles and hand-delivering them by bicycle to friends & family around town.

Kevin & his brother Jerome then proceeded to get drunk on Facebook live, and their video went..well, we don't know if we're allowed to say "viral."

Within weeks, our virtual tastings were getting tens of thousands of views and our kits were blowing up. People were using them for date nights, picnics, hikes, team building, non-profit fundraisers and sneaking into movie theatres :)

Still Virtual, Now In Person Too

Wine Tasting:

From 2020 to 2021, we sold over 30,000 wine tasting kits and hosted thousands of virtual wine tastings, becoming the United States' #1 supplier of wine tasting kits & virtual tastings.

Now, we have launched our tasting room at the winery here in Sacramento. You can share wine with us at the winery, at home, at work or out in the world!