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Try Lucid! Wine Tasting in Sacramento

Receive half-off wine tasting at Lucid's Downtown Sacramento Wine Tasting Room.

Taste our collection of wines as well as ciders and our wine-beer hybrids: WinePA, HefeWineZen, Poppin' Pilsner, Port(er) & Sour Pinot!

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Visit and Enjoy Our

Lucid Picnic Bistro

Welcome to the Lucid Picnic Bistro! We have picnic-style deli items available, select and make a "picnic" to enjoy at your table while enjoying some award-winning Lucid Wine.

Peruse our menu to the right, or the larger text version pasted below.

Available instantly for picnic-style enjoyment:

Grazing Box- $15 - Mix of all the things

Medium Charcuterie- $9

X Large Charcuterie- $19

Purple Haze Goat Chevre Cheese - $9

Marin French Brie - $11

Brie Bites 5 pack -$9

Deli Olives (Feta or Greek Mix) -$7

Marcona Almonds - $9

Naan Minis - $6

Rustic Baker Flatbread Crackers - $6

Oat Crisps - $9

Hummus - $6

Red Pepper & Feta Spread - $9

$1 Items- Cashews, Lemon Yogurt Almonds, Chocolate Almonds, Olives, Jams (Fig, Sour Cherry, Apricot, Strawberry

$2 Items- Small cheeses (White Cheddar Sticks, Mozzarella, Sahale Trail Mix

$3 items- Figs, Carr's Crackers

$5 items- Kettle popcorn, Wine Chips, Dolmas, Chocolate Cheesecake Bites 4 pk

Additional Food Options from our neighbour:

Available from Fox & Goose (our neighbours, a British pub & restaurant) with a 15-40 minute wait:

Market Cheese Box (V) - $15 - Cheddar, Stilton, Brie, relish, baguette crisp

Dessert Cheese Box (V) - $15

3 cheeses, apple, candy walnut, baguette

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus (VG) (GF*)- $10 -w/naan & veggies

Espresso Cheesecake - $10