Wine tasting

Anywhere, anytime.

Here's how it works

Wine Tasting Kits + Virtual Tasting

From virtual happy hours, to family holidays, corporate gifts and beyond. Our all natural, organic wine kits are easy to send, easy to receive and certainly go down easy.

Simply ask yourself these 3 questions and choose your own adventure: 

1. Do you want a hosted virtual tasting or are you just sending kits?

  • Sending kits - Our Youtube wine tasting videos are available at your convenience, or just follow along with the tasting guide that comes with each kit
  • Make it a virtual happy hour - if you want a hosted experience, look no further. Click here to schedule your group tasting with one of our incredible hosts and let us handle the logistics

2. How many wines do you want?

  • 5 Wine Timeless Tasters includes our L.01 Skin Contact Chardonnay, L.02 Urban Flora Rosé, L.04 Ripen Zinfandel, L.07 Delirium Cabernet Sauvignon, and L.08 Wanderlust Red Blend
  • 3 Wine Essential Tasters - includes our L.01 Skin Contact Chardonnay, L.02 Urban Flora Rosé, and L.08 Wanderlust Red Blend

3. How much wine do you want?

  • 50mL (2oz) - each tasting bottle is a standard tasting room pour
  • 100mL (4oz) - each tasting bottle has a little less than a full glass pour